Chico police arrest 11 in theft enforcement operation


CHICO, Calif. - In a large enforcement sweep conducted between Thursday and Friday, law enforcement teams made 11 arrests. 

According to Chico Police officials, they partnered with the California State University Chico Police Department, Butte County Probation, Butte County Sheriff’s Department, and the Butte County District Attorney's Office for a proactive theft enforcement detail.

Officials reported that 11 arrests were made. Charges included possession of methamphetamine, felony warrants, possession of burglary tools and more. 

The operation focused on probation for theft and burglary-related crimes as well as making proactive checks on suspected criminals. Two theft sting operations were also conducted with the use of a bait car in the city's parking structure next to the Hotel Diamond, and a bait package at a home in an area with high package thefts. 

"I want to thank all those who participated in the operation, especially our allied agencies, as this type of effort is critically important to the citizens of Chico. We will continue these types of operations throughout the coming year, to better protect our community," said Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien. 

The Chico Police Department makes the following recommendations to prevent people from becoming victims of theft and burglaries: 

  • Never leave items in a vehicle and always keep your vehicle locked
  • Park your vehicles in a well-lit area at night and in a highly visible area
  • Lock all doors and windows to your residence and close blinds when not home
  • Let a trustworthy neighbor know when you are not home
  • Keep the garage door closed unless you are in the garage
  • Turn on bright lighting around your residence/business and keep bushes trimmed away from the house
  • Form a Neighborhood Watch program and use the NextDoor application to know your neighbors
  • Become involved in the Chico Police mobile applications for registering personal property
  • Do not post information about your whereabouts or recent purchases on social media
  • Ensure all valuable items are taken in at night and not left outside  
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