Chico Police 'C-Team' issues hundreds of citations, dozens of arrests


CHICO, Calif. - The Chico Police Department launched the 'C-Team' summer patrol in June, 2017. The team made of six officers carries out enhanced patrols on weekends for 12.5 hour shifts, and in total the team patrolled for 27 days.

Chico Police spokesperson Julia Yarbough said that the team initially focused patrol efforts in the Downtown and One Mile areas before expanding their operation to include the south campus area, Little Chico Creek, Depot Park and the Lindo Channel areas.

The targeted regions were considered 'hot spots' for criminal as well as others which negatively impact the quality of life for Chico citizens.

The following is a list of their results:

42 misdemeanor arrests 16 felony arrests 116 Chico municipal code violation 230 California vehicle code violations

"These numbers represent the hard work put forth by our C-Team which has translated to increased safety for our community," Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien said. "It reflects the positive impact a dedicated team of proactive officers can have on our downtown and in our parks. We will continue to seek additional opportunities in the future to implement these types of efforts".

The team was comprised of a sergeant, an officer performing vehicle and foot patrols, one motorcycle officer and three bicycle officers.

According to Williams, the number of bike patrols the department conducted decreased upon a reduction of staffing levels this time last year. However, they been implemented this summer as levels have increased.

"I can tell you that the citizens and the business owners really, absolutely enjoyed and loved seeing the bicycle officers down there and seeing that visual deterrent," Sgt. Williams said, adding that the operation wasn't organized to target specific groups of people, just specific areas of town.

"The goal of this was to make people feel safer and to enjoy the parks, to enjoy downtown, to enjoy City Plaza. That's what it was really directed towards, and it wasn't any type of target enforcement or anything along those lines."

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