Chico police detained man for disrupting city council meeting

mike herrera.PNG

The Chico Police Department released a statement on Friday after they arrested a man for disturbing a Chico City Council meeting.

According to officials, the city council was in session and taking public comments when Mark Herrera approached the podium, as scheduled, and began to speak.

Herrera reportedly began speaking about a citizen's group who was present in the audience. While his comments were derogatory towards the group, the mayor allowed Herrera to continue speaking.

Officials said that once the mayor considered a statement to be a personal attack against the group and an individual, a warning was issued, but it was ignored.

It was at this time that Herrera refused to stop his disruptive behavior, so the mayor directed the Sergeant of Arms to address Herrera.

Officials with Chico police say that Officer Marcelo Escobedo and Deputy Chief Matt Madden, who were in attendance, approached Herrera and attempted to escort him out of the council chambers, in an effort to discontinue his disruption.

After ignoring officers repeatedly, Herrera was arrested for willfully disturbing a public meeting.

Officers say that once at the police station Herrera was determine to have a high level of alcohol in his system.

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