Update: Chico police say 12-year-old made-up attempted assault report

Chico police

According to the Chico Police Department, a 12-year-old girl who reported a man attempted to grab her as she was walking home with her dog Sunday night, made-up the story.

Officials said after receiving the report Sunday, they have been actively investigating the report. They were able to identify a suspect and made an arrest Wednesday.

After arresting the man they believed was responsible, they conducted a field show-up where the 12-year-old victim identified the suspect as the man who apparently reached out to grab her when her dog growled and snapped at the suspect and she was able to get away.

Officials said the man was then placed under arrest and was transported to the Chico Police Department holding facility.

Police said the suspect denied all of the allegations beyond having pet the victim's dog while in the Circle K convenience store. Police added that during the course of the investigation, officers were able to find evidence that corroborated the statement given by the suspect.

Officials said a follow-up interview was done with the victim and several inconsistencies were identified.

The young girl admitted to making-up the story beyond the man having pet her dog within the Circle K convenience store because she became scared after the man pet her dog.

Police said the man was released without any charges being filed against him and no further action will be taken.

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