Chico Police releases 64 names of people possibly victims of crimes involving identity


    The Chico Police Department is currently investigating an incident where people were found to be in possession of a large amount of identifying information of others (i.e. names, addresses, social security numbers, etc.). This information could be used to commit a myriad of crimes.

    Following is a list of some of the people who may have been victimized:

    Katherine A. Dresser—Browns Valley, CA

    Ginger Hopp—Penn Valley, CA

    Rhonda L. Taylor—Oroville, CA

    Gary J. Garrett—Browns Valley, CA

    Gabriel Buckman—Browns Valley, CA

    Jordan Roberts—Browns Valley, CA

    Katrina M. Clark—Browns Valley, CA

    Pamela S. Flack—Browns Valley, CA

    Demera Cameron—Fresno, CA

    Joa Fite—Oroville, CA

    Joseph Gorbet—Oroville, CA

    Sharon Warren—Oroville, CA

    Gail Warren—Oroville, CA

    Julie Jones—Oroville, CA

    Jake Carmack—Oroville, CA

    Tiffany Murray—Oroville, CA

    Ellen Burress—Oroville, CA

    Joseph Hughes—Oroville, CA

    Blake Hansen—Oroville, CA

    Jeffrey Janke—Paradise, CA

    Jamie Horne—Chico, CA

    Dan Lind—Chico, CA

    Khamla Chuck YE, Chico, CA

    Katie Donahoo—Durham, CA

    Peter Donahoo—Durham, CA

    Tori Browntor—Quincy, CA

    Tyanna Farmer—Quincy, CA

    Terry McWilliams—Paradise, CA

    Jaqueline Acheson—Chico, CA

    Jeffrey Hemstalk—Oroville, CA

    James Gomes—Oroville, CA

    Joyce Smith—Oroville, CA

    Jeffrey Wedell—Chico, CA

    Maria Stevens—Oroville, CA

    Dor Ruiz—Browns Valley, CA

    Keith Breceda—Unknown

    Rebekah White—Unknown

    Remo Ferreti—Oroville, CA

    Neal Spiva—Oroville, CA

    Stacey Thornton—Oroville, CA

    Shelli Wheeler—Bieber, CA

    Janie Roper—Oroville, CA

    Raymond Costa—Oroville, CA

    Staci Grant—Oroville, CA

    Devin Nolan—Oroville, CA

    Dustin Perry—Oroville, CA

    Kathryn Woodward—Chico, CA

    Adam Maccallum—Oroville, CA

    Rochelle White—Oroville, CA

    Bradley Corkin—Oroville, CA

    Cynthia Swendeman—Oroville, CA

    Dorthy Swendeman—Oroville, CA

    Pamela Wilding—Oroville, CA

    Roger Bogosian—Paradise, CA

    Matt Looper—Oroville, CA

    Joshua Acheson—Chico, CA

    Lois Cronin—Paradise, CA

    Kaelie Deaton—Paradise, CA

    Peter Johnson—Chico, CA

    Lisa Farrage-Johnson—Chico, CA

    Taylor Johnson—Chico, CA

    Kahlil Johnson—Chico, CA

    Chase Halleck—Chico, CA

    Billy Maddox--Unknown

    If your name is on this list, please contact Officer A. Madden and refer to case #19-000173. 530-897-4998 ext.1068, or

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