Chico State University introduces new security measures

The entrance to the University Police Department on the Chico State campus.

Chico State University is ramping up security due to the possibility of a mass shooting and what they call the continuing presence of mentally ill transients on campus.

The new security measures include more surveillance and more patrols on campus, including restricting access to certain buildings.

In some cases, little has changed. Students can walk in and out of buildings as they have always done.

But certain entrances to the administration building, Meriam Library, the Student Health Center, the Student Services Center, and the Psychical Sciences Building are restricted. People trying to get in must be let in by someone on the inside.

Students say the extra time this takes can be a nuisance.

"I have a long drive here," said Chico State student Allison Jones. "So if I'm running late or something and have to spend those extra minutes to get there and be late for class, or get locked out, that's not really a good thing."

As for the police presence, the university calls it preventative patrol.

How it works is simple. University police are placed in the heart of campus and in areas where students gather most.

Interim Chief of Police for the University Police Department, John Reid, says that type of community policing makes people feel safer, even if the jury's still out on its crime-stopping potential.

"The research kind of would indicate that it's unclear as to, you know, what impact that type of patrol actually has on preventing crime," Reid said.

Other security measures, like an on-campus active shooter drill planned for April, will be introduced throughout the spring semester.

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