Chico State students gather at the polls for midterm election voting

Chico State students stand in line to vote at the Bell Memorial Auditorium on Tuesday.

Hundreds of Chico State students stood in line at the Bell Memorial Auditorium on Tuesday to cast their ballot in the midterm elections.

Young adults and college students are known to have low voter turnout, but volunteers at Chico State tried to change that on election day. Brigitte Dahrouj, a student activist at Chico State, spoke about what she saw on election day.

"Most of the students have actually been coming with their ballots already filled out, and ready to just deposit at the polls, which is really encouraging," Dahrouj said.

That hard work might have paid off. With a polling place in the heart of campus, this year's student voter turnout looked large. One student, Chico State Senior Tiernan Veisze, explained why he turned out to vote.

"I believe in America, I believe in our constitution, and our democracy is upheld by all of us coming out here to vote. I think it's very important. My mother brought me up always going to the polls with her as a kid, and it's kinda just become a tradition now," Veisze said.

He's not alone.

Not far away, several volunteers, including non-students, continued to hand out pamphlets and voter information to anyone that showed the least bit of interest. Some students took a trip to the polls with friends, but declined to vote themselves. When asked why, one said he'd rather not cast a ballot than vote uninformed.

Mail-in ballots can be dropped off at any polling place inside the county of its owner. The polls close at 8 p.m.

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