Chico Strikes Back: Attempt to break the record, again


CHICO, Calif. - The stage is set and the music is playing in Chico's second attempt to break a Guinness World Record for longest concert ever.

It is called "Chico Strikes Back", the successor to "Chico Breaks the Record", and it's happening at the DownLo in Downtown Chico.

After some issues with Guinness last year, Chico Breaks the Record did not get credit for their attempt.

Their goal this year is to beat the record and get the credit for it. But the director for the event said they have their eyes set on the future.

"We're going to show them we can do it," Julian Ruck, the director of Chico Strikes Back, said.

That is step one for Ruck, and they're well on their way. In fact, they will tell you they already did it.

"The whole thing began as a way to get attention on Chico's music scene from the outside world," Ruck explained.

But last year's attempt, coming in at 34 days and 20 hours, was disqualified by Guinness.

This year, they are going for the bare minimum: sixteen days. That would beat the current record of 15 days and 12 hours.

Now a couple of years into this process, and a whole lot savvier, Ruck said they will get it done but they have bigger plans when it is over.

"There are a half dozen other world record organizations that are interested in our application," Ruck said. "We're interested in establishing our own world record organization around world's longest concert."

Once the final notes of Chico Strikes Back are played, Ruck said that will be it for organizing this event in this city.

Next, he wants to travel the nation, getting other cities interested in this concept and making it more than a record to break.

"Trying to get maybe 30 to 40 venues in," Ruck said. "Everybody starts the same day, throws a little bit of money in everyday, the pot gets bigger and bigger and winner takes all."

What started as a way to get the Chico music scene on the map may just help other cities share their tunes too.

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