Chicoans march for science through downtown

Participants in Chico's March for Science walk through Chico State's campus as they begin their route.

Hundreds of people gathered at Chico State's Trinity Commons on Saturday to take part in the March for Science.

Marchers young and old stood outside in the spring heat to listen to speeches from professors and community activists on the importance of science.

A costumed participant walked through the Trinity Commons with a sign warning of the changing climate. Booths were set up with information about how to live green.

There was even a Papier-mâché Mother Earth watching over the event.

Aaron Haar, one of the marchers, had a clear message: science is vital to society and must be understood and appreciated.

"This isn't really a political thing," Haar said. "It's just people that believe in science and want to see more money put in to that sort of research and these things, because they've brought the United States so far and this world so far and it's a great export for our country."

Around noon, the participants left the Trinity Commons and headed out for their march, which circled downtown Chico and returned to the Commons about an hour later.

The Chico March for Science is just a small part of a global event. Last year, over a million people marched worldwide, according to Chico State's website.

The event was free and open to the public, lasting from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It concluded with a live musical performance in the Trinity Commons.

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