Concerned citizens file new lawsuit against WaterFix Twin Tunnels


CHICO, Calif. - Monday, a coalition made up of three environmental organizations and the California Indian Water Commission announced a lawsuit against Governor Brown's WaterFix Twin Tunnels.

The tunnels are a project that would transport water from the Sacramento Valley, south through San Diego.

Supporters of the tunnels believe it will increase water storage and modernize the state's failing water delivery system. The opposition refuted, saying it will drain the water out of Northern California.

This coalition is made up of the California Water Impact Network, AquAlliance, the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, as well as the California Indian Water Commission. They said the lawsuit will challenge the way the state plans to pay for the project, claiming that the $11 billion in bond funding the state has proposed won't be enough to complete the project and taxpayers could be on the hook for decades if it goes through.

The coalition also said the water belongs here, in Northern California.

"If they move the amount of water they want out of this region for short-term profit somewhere else, it could eliminate all of the living things that we all appreciate, as well as the ability for us to live here," said Barbara Vlamis, executive director of AquAlliance.

"This is a project that would be bestowing an unknown bond debt on future generations and as part of tribal responsibility, we feel that we have to think of current issues, environmental, social, fiscal and spiritual issues as well as the issues of future generations," agreed Trina Cunningham, treasurer for the California Indian Water Commission.

For more information about this coalition and their stance, click here.

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