Congressional candidates make final push before election

    Doug LaMalfa walks from house to house in Chico with a member of his campaign team.

    On Sunday, congressional candidates Doug LaMalfa and Audrey Denney went door-to-door reminding people to vote in the upcoming midterm elections on November 6.

    With election day fast-approaching, the candidates made one final push to secure votes. Some voters are just tuning in to the election, so LaMalfa and Denney explained the overall message of their campaigns to give people a basic idea of what they're about.

    In the past, LaMalfa has had no trouble shaking off challengers. But, this year, his opponent Audrey Denney has grown a strong support base around her candidacy. LaMalfa took a moment to explain why he believes he should be reelected.

    "California is still inflicting a lot of pain on its citizens with the regulations coming out of Sacramento," LaMalfa said. "In D.C. we've had pretty good success in repealing a lot of bad regulations that aren't really helping anything other than bureaucracies."

    While LaMalfa was in Chico knocking on doors, Denney was in Oroville, getting ready to give what she said is the last speech of her campaign before Tuesday's election.

    "If you want a representative in the U.S. House of Representatives that is only accountable to you, and whose only mission and only purpose is to work to make your life a little bit easier, then I would love your vote on November 6," Denney said.

    Around two dozen people turned out in Oroville to canvass houses on behalf of Denney. Before setting off to knock on doors, they listened to her speech about the importance of improving the American healthcare system, infrastructure and education.

    Denney has an uphill battle, as LaMalfa is a familiar, trusted face with many District One voters, the majority of which are conservative. Denney's supporters are trying to push into more rural areas, beyond her base in the larger cities and towns.

    Voting will begin Tuesday, November 6th, at 7 am. and end at 8 pm.

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