Destroyed Paradise candy store hopes to taste sweet smell of success again

    Joy Lyn's Candies on Billie Road before the fire.<p>{/p}

    "You can still see all of the cans from the condensed milk I made caramels with." said Glenn Hartley, who co-owns Joy Lyn's Candies, which was destroyed in the Camp Fire.

    The business, which started in 1969 before Paradise even became a municipality unto itself, would have been celebrating its 50th year in business.

    "We made over 130 pieces of candy," said Hartley.

    The candy, the building and all of the appliances used to make the candy on the Bille Road location were destroyed.

    Hartley and his wife purchased the candy store from his parents almost one month before the Camp Fire.

    "10-10-18 [was when] we signed the paperwork," said Hartley.

    Glenn Hartley purchased the candy store from his parents one month before the Camp Fire.

    Hartley collected money from his insurance company which will be used to purchase new equipment which will be put inside his new building on Pearson Road where he again plans to make candy.

    Hartley is keeping a keen eye on the water contamination problem, but said if necessary he'll obtain a water tank to make his candies, not unlike the one used at the Starbucks on the Skyway.

    He said he could have taken the insurance money and started somewhere else, but that the town of Paradise is too important to him and his family.

    "The town means too much to us, it's where I grew up," he said, holding back tears. "It's where my kids go to school."

    "I coach football and wrestling, you know, it means a lot."

    Joy Lyn's Candies plans to be up and running at its new location on Pearson Road in time for Christmas.

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