Authorities identify man killed in "mass overdose incident"


    Update as of 8:00 a.m. Monday, January 14

    The Butte County Coroner's Office has identified the person who died due to an overdose Saturday as 34-year-old Aris Turner of Chico.

    As of Sunday afternoon, seven people remain in the hospital in good condition. Their age range is from 19 to 30-years-old.

    Update as of 6:17 p.m. Saturday, January 12

    Chico police have confirmed that a search warrant for the home has been obtained and a hazmat team is being deployed.

    KRCR News Channel 7's Meaghan Mackey is at the scene and has also confirmed the coroner is going in as well.

    Update as of 4 p.m. Saturday, January 12

    Chico Police Chief Mike O'Brien held a press conference regarding this incident Saturday.

    The "mass overdose incident" was reported to Chico police via a 911 call around 9 a.m. Saturday. When Chico police and fire arrived, they say they found multiple people in what appeared to be life-threatening overdose conditions

    6 doses of Naloxone, a life-saving antidote to opiate overdose were administered and 12 adults were transported to Enloe Hospital with symptoms indicative of fentanyl overdose.

    One adult was pronounced dead at the scene, but Chico police are not releasing any more details about the death at this time.

    Two officers were also transported to the hospital after they began feeling possible effects of fentanyl from being in the house. They were treated and released later in the day.

    The residence is now being treated as a hazmat site due to the possible presence of fentanyl. According to Chico Fire Chief Standridge, every ambulance in Chico was called to the scene to help treat the victims.

    Four of the adults transported to the hospital remain in critical condition, eight others remain in the hospital as well.

    Original article

    Enloe Hospital in Chico has confirmed that they have received 11 patients suffering apparent overdoses Saturday.

    Four patients are in critical condition, three are in serious condition, one is in fair condition, one is undetermined and two have been treated and released.

    This could possibly be related to a huge police perimeter set up outside of a house in the 1100 block of Santana Court in Chico. A KRCR reporter was on scene but could not get any information confirmed with law enforcement.

    There was police scanner traffic indicating police were called to the location on Santana Court with requests for medical aid for a possible overdoses.

    Mike O'Brien with the Chico Police Department will be holding a press conference at 4 p.m. Saturday to discuss the Santana Court incident. This is a developing story and will be updated as we receive new information.

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