Family wanting answers of grandmother's apparent murder, one day before Camp Fire

Courtesy Ron Rhodes: Beloved 86-year-old Greta Putnam.

While the Camp Fire has dominated headlines in Butte County and across the country, the family of an 86-year-old woman is waiting for answers about her apparent murder.

On the morning of November 8 when chaos erupted with the Camp Fire, Oroville Police officers were called to the Cottonwood Estates Mobile Park where a woman was found unresponsive.

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"Sometime around the 8th of November her life was taken and by we don't even know," said Donnie Rhodes, the grandson of beloved 86-year-old Greta Putnam who was tragically murdered, found dead inside her home.

Donnie and his twin brother Ron Rhodes are desperately looking for answers as to who and why their grandmother was killed. They described their grandmother as generous and loving and who is greatly missed.

"Everybody in this park knew my grandmother and there's not one bad remark anybody can say about her," said Ron.

"I mean she's my phone call when I'm driving. As much is I want to see her everyday... I can't," said Donnie.

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It's been weeks since her death, but memories inside her home are still there. Her belongings are neatly being packed up and boxed as they move her belongings out of her home. However, their grandmother's chair still sits in the living room empty. Ron said her presence remains.

"Her spirits right there. That's the last place I saw her," said Ron as he pointed to the chair. "Not back there, not getting taken out, it's right there."

Both the twins said all they want and need is answers and closure.

"There is still a murderer out there running around and that's the scary thing, not just for me in brother for's somebody still out there and it can happen to anyone," said Donnie.

Oroville Police have not yet returned our call, but the twins said they told them they are investigating.

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