Unique fertility nonprofit wins honor by helping couples pay costly in vitro treatment

James and Sarah Geary were awarded $10,00 to help pay for in vitro fertilization treatment through Northern California Fertility Foundation.

A Chico couple recently found out they can afford to start a family after receiving help from a newly-formed Northstate non-profit, Northern California Fertility Foundation.

James and Sarah Geary have been trying to start a family since they got married three years ago but when they found out they would need expensive in vitro fertilization treatment, they worried they would be starting their family in debt.

The Geary's could afford half of the $20,000 treatment by using their savings, but would need to take out a loan for the remaining $10,000.

Sarah said there were days when she was an "emotional wreck."

Then, Sarah, who works at Enloe Medical Center, heard about the unique foundation, which provides financial assistance to people just like her and her husband.

The Northern California Fertility Foundation was recently honored by the California Association of Nonprofits.

The foundation is operated by a five person Board of Directors, all of who have gone through in vitro fertilization to have their children.

"I had a hard time going through it with my husband," said Sara Blofsky, one of the board members. "It's really hard to talk about with anyone because you feel like you're the abnormal person."

Blofsky said one in eight couples struggle with getting pregnant.

The foundation, which currently has $30,000 on hand, said there are 10 other couples waiting for financial support so they too can start their families.

The Geary's are preparing for the in vitro process and can't wait to be parents.

"I feel I definitely appreciate the value of getting to be a father," said James. "It means that much more to me."

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