Former Oroville sub teacher jailed, accused of threatening family's lives

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Former substitute teacher Sean Molina is in the Butte County Jail, facing several counts related to domestic abuse involving his wife, both of whom until recently taught at Ophir Elementary School in Oroville.

According to Penny Chennell-Carter, the superintendent of the Oroville City Elementary School District, the teacher has been on a leave of absence since early January after reporting alleged threats made by her husband against the lives of her and her children.

Parents of the students did not learn of these threats until a district-wide meeting held Wednesday night.

"If it's our kids, we have a right to know," said Cory Barnes, whose child is a student in the class once taught by the wife and occasionally by Molina on a substitute basis.

"We as parents deserve the right to know and to be notified immediately anytime our children have a potential of any harm," said Bobby O'Reiley, another parent who expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the school and district handled the situation.

They believe they should have been notified especially after the school called for a lockout shortly after the teacher reported the allegation on January 11th.

"We kept the doors locked as a precautionary measure," said Teresa Lightle, the principal at Ophir. "But there was no direct threat to the school."

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey confirmed that none of the several charges facing Molina involve a threat to the school.

Chennell-Carter said law enforcement notified her that they did not believe Molina was a threat to the students, saying he was constantly being monitored including by the patrolling of unmarked vehicles near the school.

In retrospect, Lightle said parents should have been notified, but emphasized she always has the safety of all of the approximately 400 students at her school on the top of her mind.

"I have grandchildren who go here," she said. "If I had thought there was any danger we would have gone into a severe lockdown.

Molina will be arraigned on the most recent charges February 22nd.

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