Beyond the Podium: LaMalfa remains confident despite challenger's record fundraising

Congressman Doug LaMalfa remains confident leading into the November 6 election despite a record fundraising effort by Democratic challenger Audrey Denney, who according to her campaign, will have amassed more than $900,000 in donations when the official third quarter numbers are released on Monday.

Through two quarters, Denney has raised approximately $340,000. which doesn't include her campaign's estimates.

No previous LaMalfa challenger has raised that much money during an entire campaign season.

Meanwhile LaMalfa's campaign raised more than $590,000 through the first two quarters which does not include donations that will be reported on Monday.

"I take every election seriously, but I raise the money I need to run a good campaign," said LaMalfa, adding that he's traveled California's 1st district extensively.

"People are pretty excited about what we're doing and they're seeing more money in their pocket that the government isn't taking from them," said LaMalfa in reference to the GOP-led tax cuts.

"Seemingly the left just wants to go after the tax cuts that people have been able to keep and spend themselves instead of having the government do it," he said. "So that's what the opposition is looking at."

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