Last-minute mid-term election reminders


On Tuesday, polls will open at 7:00 am for voters to cast their ballot in the mid-term elections.

People can find out where their nearest polling location is by visiting the California Secretary of State's website and entering their home address.

Chico's Trinity United Methodist Church will likely be the voting location of choice for those living in or near downtown.

Others can find their polling place by contacting the Butte County Clerk Recorder's office.

California voters are not required to show ID in most places, but the California Secretary of Sate's office recommends bringing identification when voting for the first time.

Even if your name is not on the voter list, you have the right to vote with a provisional ballot, which will be counted after officials confirm you're a registered voter and did not vote anywhere else in the election.

Polls will close at 8:00 pm.

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