State Legislature passes James Gallagher's Dam Safety Bill

Exactly one year after hundreds of thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes as a result of the spillway failures at the Oroville Dam, the California legislature passed Assemblyman Gallagher's dam safety legislation, AB 1270.

AB 1270 will require the Department of Water Resources to work with independent dam safety and risk management organizations to update dam safety protocols. Those protocols must include things identified by the forensic team as contributing to the spillway failure, like the review of the original design and construction of dams and auxiliary structures like spillways.

"The Oroville disaster jeopardized lives, property, and California's water supply and conveyance system," said Gallagher. "The silver lining is that the crisis highlighted that we must do more to ensure we are taking care of vital infrastructure, like the levees and dams that protect our communities. AB 1270 will help us do this by ensuring that California leads national and global efforts to update and modernize dam safety requirement," added Gallagher.

AB 1270 now heads to the Governor's desk where, if signed, would take effect immediately.

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