Lulus holds outlet sale for Chico Skatepark renovations


CHICO, Calif. - Lulus, a Chico clothing store, held a two day fundraiser to raise money for the Chico Skatepark renovations.

Sunday, it raked in the dough, selling shoes, clothes and accessories at Chico Junior High for just $5 a piece.

This is the second time Lulus has helped raise money for the cause. Last year, the store raised $40,000 in one day. This year, they've reached over $25,000. The fundraising is spearheaded by a group called Chico Skatepark Solutions to raise the money for the park.

Before this event, they had already raised $80,000 and said they just got approval to start the renovations in the next month.

"I'm passionate about advancing opportunities for youth to be active in safe environments," said Michele Buran, one of over 100 volunteers with Chico Skatepark Solutions. "Skating is free. People that skated as youth are still skating as adults, so I see it as an opportunity to help promote physical activity."

Their vision is to replace the grass area with new and improved skatepark designs, including new safety features. The park renovations are projected to total about $400,000. The volunteers for Chico Skatepark Solutions said about a quarter of that has been raised so far.

For more information on their efforts, or to donate, click here.

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