March For Our Lives rally sweeps Chico

Protesters gather in Chico's City Plaza on Saturday morning as part of the March For Our Lives event.

Hundreds of people gathered in Chico's City Plaza on Saturday morning to participate in the March For Our Lives event, that featured not only high school students but college students and other supporters.

Whatever their individual reasons for coming, there was one common theme: making schools safer. Attendees for the march packed in to demonstrate their support for the victims of gun violence across America.

Cara Burditt, a student at Pleasant Valley High School, had a simple reason for why she helped organize the march.

"I just want to be able to go to school and get an education without fear and without a threat of someone else taking that away from me or taking away my life," Burditt said.

It's a sentiment shared by many students across the nation and more than a few people in the crowd.

The march itself lasted for 10 minutes around the downtown area. Participants then came back to the City Plaza, where they listened to rock music and heard inspirational speeches from organizers of the event.

Some of those organizers had more of a political focus, calling out local Congressman Doug LaMalfa for his stance on gun control.

But to Caylee Burditt, a Butte College student, the issue is much simpler than politics.

"It's not just high school students, it's not just Democrats," Burditt said. "It's everyone wanting change because they can feel personally affected or threatened by the situation."

The Chico march was just one of many March For Our Lives events across the world on Saturday. But what brought the issue home for locals was the realization that a mass shooting can happen anywhere.

The rally concluded after about one hour, and organizers say the participation was even greater than expected.

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