Mother's Day presents returned after police tackle teen suspect

1000 Block Admiral Lane

A 16-year-old in Chico was taken back to juvenile hall on felony charges after neighbors reported seeing a suspicious suspect stealing from a car.

It happened just before midnight May 11 when residents in the 1000 block of Admiral Lane reported a theft from a vehicle. The stolen items included some Mother's Day presents.

About an hour and a half later on May 12 residents reported a similar suspect stealing a box from a neighbor's house.

When police arrived they tried to contact the suspect who began to run. An officer dove at the suspect and officers were able to cuff him.

When the teen was searched officers found a loaded .40 caliber handgun, narcotics, a large amount of cash, and an ankle monitor. It was determined the teen was on probation and had been released from juvenile hall.

Police were able to return some of the missing Mother's Day gifts.

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