Northstate businesses see new wave of counterfeit money

Northstate businesses see new wave of counterfeit money

Businesses all over the Northstate have reported a new wave of counterfeit money being passed.

"A lot of them, they look really good. They're doing a really good job," said AMPM Oroville Store Manager Michale Lagomarsino. But some of them, not so much. "I actually had a bill, cut in half, had taped it back together and had two different serial numbers on it," Lagomarsino added.

He showed a stack of over $700 the gas station had been paid in fake cash and soon, another person would likely try to pass the counterfeit money again.

"It's consistent, we probably get one or two bills a day, roughly," said Assistant Manager Jeni Wagner. She said it's usually $20 bills, but it ranges.

Within the last week, there's been an increase in fake $100 bills in both Oroville and even the AMPM in Redding.

"[The Redding store manager] said that she had seen a couple at her station and we're like okay so I called down here and I immediately notified them, keep an eye out on your bills, make sure you're dropping them before you complete the sale," Lagomarsino said.

He referred to dropping them into their state of the art safe, that not only counts the money staff puts in, it spits the bill right back out if it's fake.

"If it's a counterfeit bill, it's gonna know," Lagomarsino said.

But those without that fancy technology have other more old-fashioned options too. A real $100 bill will have a watermark of the president's face into the right of the bill and it will also have a thin strip to the left saying "USA 100."

Fake bills are usually missing one of those, if not both. It's smart to have a counterfeit pen handy too and feel for the slightly lumpy texture every real bill should have.

For anyone at home printing the fake cash at home, it's important to remember that someone will have to pay.

"It's definitely frustrating and you know, my cashiers, it's them at stake," Lagomarsino started.

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