Family, neighbors of man who shot Oroville transient speak out

Oroville Police Department

One person is in "extremely critical condition" after a shooting in Oroville early Wednesday morning.

According to the Oroville Police Department, at 1:58 a.m. they received a 911 call of a shooting that had occurred at the Olive Hill Retirement Community, located at 2921 Wyandotte Avenue, in south Oroville. The homeowner said an unknown person, later identified as a 59-year-old Oroville transient, was pounding on his door asking for assistance.

The homeowner told police he opened his door and briefly met with the transient. The homeowner said he then closed his door and called 911 for assistance. The homeowner noted he also armed himself with a handgun.

"Some guy was trying to force his way into the house, my brother was using his full force to keep him out," explained Shawna Ray with shaking hands. Her brother is the homeowner who shot the transient, trying to protect their mother.

The homeowner, identified as a 54-year-old disabled man, reported the transient continued banging on the door and when he opened the door for the second time, the transient began physically forcing the door open by pushing against the door. The homeowner said at that point, he fired one shot at the transient.

"The guy had a mask on and a blanket and a screwdriver, and we don't know what he was up to or what he was gonna do to my mom," Ray explained.

When officers arrived on scene they found the transient who had been shot. Police said medical personnel arrived on scene and the transient was flown to an area hospital.

"He meant to shoot him in the hand or the arm and he might've missed but he was in shock after it happened," Ray said. Police said the 59-year-old transient was shot in the head, but neighbors were honest and said they were less concerned with the suspect's injuries and more about his contribution to the recent increase in crime.

"Terrible because this was one of the nicest parks in town," said Faye Haley, the daughter of a neighbor who lives in the Oak Hill Retirement Community.

Neighbors said this once was a safe community. There were neighborhood crime watch signs posted all throughout as a warning to those potential intruders, but those signs don't seem to be as intimidating these days.

"That concerns me," Haley said. "I'm not that surprised because of the other things that we had happen in here, the theft, and the stabbing last summer."

"Yeah, I kind of don't trust it anymore," Ray said.

This incident remains under investigation and anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Oroville Police Department at 530-538-2448. As of Thursday afternoon, the transient was still alive, but remained in extremely critical condition at a local hospital.

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