Orland's Farm Sanctuary holds farewell event

The entrance to Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.

On Saturday a goodbye event was held for the Orland Farm Sanctuary, which is moving to New York state after 25 years in the Northstate.

The Orland Farm Sanctuary sits on 300 acres of land, and was built as a place to house rescued farm animals until they could be adopted into a loving home.

Visitors are free to feed and pet the animals at the sanctuary, activities that were still available on Saturday for those in attendance.

Susie Coston, the national shelter director, talked about what's next for the sanctuary and why they're moving to New York state.

"We're not really leaving-leaving. Like, the actual location, the farm, we're moving the animals to New York," Coston said. "It's a little bit more climate friendly for them. And there are other sanctuaries located all over the area, so just not right here in this town."

Some of Farm Sanctuary's other locations include Watkins Glen, New York and Los Angeles.

Coston said there's no need to worry about the animals currently at the shelter in Orland. They'll be brought back with the rest of the crew to the flagship shelter in Watkins Glenn, New York.

The Orland location has no official closing date yet, but employees say it will be some time in the fall of 2018.

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