Man running from police stopped by Oroville homeowner

Oroville Police Department

The Oroville Police Department is reporting that an alleged intruder was stopped by a homeowner wielding a plastic pipe.

According to Officer Sanzone with OPD, the incident started after officers spotted Joseph Solansky, who is wanted for two felony warrants.

Officers attempted a traffic stop with Solansky, but he refused to yield to officers.

Police say Solansky led them on a short pursuit before parking his car and running four blocks to the area of Fay Way.

Reportedly, Solansky jumped into a backyard and hid inside a shed. He then jumped the fence into an adjoining backyard and kicked open the back door to the home.

The homeowners said they had heard the commotion and barricaded her back door. Since Solansky couldn't get past the barricade, he moved into the first backyard he was hiding in.

It was at this time that the homeowner confronted Solansky. When Solansky reportedly got into a fighting stance, the homeowner used an 8-inch plastic pipe to hit Solansky in the head multiple times.

Solansky only surrendered to police after being threatened by K-9 Sammy.

Police say that near the end of this incident, Solansky's father heard the commotion on the scanner and arrived in the area. He spoke to his son and asked him which house he was struck at.

According to police, the father then made a verbal threat, saying "No problem, I'll take care of this."

Solansky's father was also arrested.

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