Oroville Grinch cuts holes in Christmas decorations


OROVILLE, Calif. - One might just call this vandal the Grinch who stole Christmas for an Oroville family and it's only the first week of December.

They caught the vandalism on camera at their home on Foothill Boulevard in Oroville Saturday night. It's easy to see the Grinch in the surveillance video as he or she walks right up to the Santa happily floating on his globe, then slashes a big hole in the inflatable decoration.

Then, the Grinch moves on to the other two decorations nearby.

"I'm really disappointed to hear that," said Ashley Dow. She's lived a few houses up from the people who were vandalized with her two sons for two years. Dow said she had just taken the boys to see the pretty display at that home this past weekend.

"It's neat that people go through the trouble to put decorations up," Dow said. "Isaac, my 3-year-old, has been very excited to see the Christmas lights and the decorations and we've made it a point to drive around and point them out and enjoy this season. So that's really, really sad that people would do that."

The family who lives at the home preferred not to be interviewed, but shared the surveillance video with KRCR and on Facebook to warn others of the vandalism.

Nearly all of the neighbors were surprised to hear of this in what they consider a nice and quiet neighborhood, but the family said this is the third time someone has come to steal or vandalize their property this year. It's been such a problem, they're considering putting up a fence.

"[It's] sad that people go out of their way to ruin things that belong to others and steal things and just make you feel like you've been invaded," Dow said.

Still, that family didn't let their holiday cheer go deflated for too long. Now they can only hope that the tape they used to repair their decorations holds, and that the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas doesn't come back.

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