Oroville police investigate shooting incident at MLK Park

The home on the corner of C Street and Pomola Avenue that was struck by a stray bullet during a shooting incident Thursday night in Oroville's Martin Luther King Park.

A stray bullet struck the home of a family of three shortly after 10 pm Thursday night in Oroville.

Witnesses say they heard 10 to 15 shots ring out near Martin Luther King Park, right next to the stricken house.

No one was killed or injured by the gunfire, and Oroville police currently have no suspects in the case. Several bullet casings from different caliber handguns were found on the scene.

The owner of the home said police were able to find the shell casing that hit his house, but not the bullet.

Michelle Watt, a mother who lives nearby, says she thought the shots were a lot closer to her than they actually were.

"They were so loud, so vibrant, that they sounded like they were on my own wall of my own house," Watt said. "I literally had to come out of the living- my bedroom, walk outside and go 'what was that?' to find out. And I could step out, and then I really heard them. I was like, 'wow.'"

On Friday, the park was calm. Men could be seen playing chess, and a mother ran around the playground with her children. But Thursday night was a different story.

Police say they saw six vehicles exiting the parking lot as they responded to the scene.

The owner of the stricken house says this is not the first time there's been a shooting incident in Martin Luther King Park. According to the Oroville Police Department, this is at least the first time in the last two years that there's been a confirmed shooting incident in the park.

Lieutenant Gil Zarate of the Oroville Police Department explained what comes next in their investigation.

"This next step will be contacting local businesses, attempting to locate surveillance," Zarate said. "Any eye-witnesses in the area, you know, we could have members of the community come forward and tell us about maybe what they saw or what they heard."

The Oroville Police Department says they're relieved no one was injured in the shooting incident, and they encourage anyone with information about the case to contact them immediately.

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