Paradise considers business licensing fee


The Paradise Town Council could vote to approve a business licensing fee at its next meeting in February.

Paradise is one of the few municipalities in California that does not have a business licensing fee.

Lauren Gill, the town manager, said the current proposal is an annual $40 fee for the estimated thousand businesses in Paradise.

Gill said the primary motivation behind the fee is public safety.

"If there is a critical incident or a crime in the middle of the night we will have a contact of the business owner and the building owner," she said.

That's information that the town currently does not possess, but would assist fire departments responding to an incident alerting them if chemicals are inside a building that could explode.

A database would also help the town better gauge and promote its businesses.

But gathering this information takes staff time, which accounts for the annual fee.

In the ordinance's proposal, Gill said the fee could not be raised without the support of the Town Council.

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