Paradise High students begin final semester in temporary Chico building

    Paradise High School's temporary campus is at 1000 Fortress Street in Chico

    Paradise High School students were greeted with good cheer and "Paradise Strong" wrist bands upon their first day of classes for their final semester of the school year inside an approximately 30,000 square foot building near the Chico Municipal Airport.

    The building is temporary, although it is possible it could be used for the first part of the next school year in August.

    "It absolutely is a possibility if the state says [the Paradise High campus] is not ready yet," said Michelle John, the superintendent of the Paradise Unified School District.

    "But kids and parents have said they want to go back to our school," she added.

    John estimated that half of the nearly 1,000 students enrolled at the high school prior to the fire would show up at the temporary campus, saying many families have left the area to start their lives elsewhere.

    The high school campus suffered very little damage from the Camp Fire but still needs minor repairs, trees trimmed and be cleaned to eliminate toxins that may have been brought into the campus buildings.

    Meanwhile, the temporary building at 1000 Fortress Street, which was once occupied by Facebook, seems like a satisfactory alternative to studying online like many students did inside the Chico Mall shortly after the fire.

    "I think everybody is excited just to be back to normal," said one senior.

    The inside is still a work in progress as partitions designed to separate classes have not yet arrived.

    "The partitions are somewhere between Las Vegas and here," said John. "They should have been here last week."

    Teachers say that the students will be back to regular schoolwork by the end of the week if not sooner.

    This is an unprecedented event," said Dave Brown, a research teacher. "So, we're figuring out how to put walls up [and] how to accommodate everybody's needs.

    The district told KRCR it hopes to hold senior graduation on the campus' football field .

    The building is approximately 30,000 square feet in size.

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