Paradise repopulates, thousands see Camp Fire destruction for the first time

Trevor Nixon and wife, Jennifer Stearns, survey what's left of their 2,800 square foot house in Paradise.

Thousands of Paradise and Magalia residents returned home Wednesday 29 days after the Camp Fire sent them fleeing to safety.

A main thoroughfare, Pentz Road, was reopened for those who showed proof of their residency.

Some saw their houses fully intact.

But approximately 14,000 houses were destroyed in the November 8th fire.

Most returned to seeing their homes in rubble along including family heirlooms and photographs in ashes.

Nathan Rice was hoping to find his baseball card collection and autographed baseball of Willie Mays that he was hoping to give to his son.

"Yes, there were certain things that we were holding onto," said Nathan.

His wife picked through the rubble to find several pieces of her mother's china.

Jennifer Stearns and her husband, Trevor Nixon, lost virtually everything inside their 2,800 square foot house, which was insured.

But nothing can bring back their irreplaceables.

"This is my daughter's keepsake when she was just born" said a tearful Jennifer.

Somehow the couple maintained perspective thankful that their there children are alive and well.

Jennifer may have spoken for everyone who lost their home when asked how she and her husband will move forward.

"We have no other choice," she said. "We're going to rebuild, we're coming back."

Beginning Wednesday, Pentz Road will be open to all traffic.

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