Paradise Town Council discusses housing issue

Paradise residents gather in the Chico city council chambers for a Paradise town council meeting.

The Paradise Town Council met in the Chico City Council chambers on Wednesday night, to discuss Paradise's post-Camp Fire housing shortage.

FEMA may be putting trailers on private property in Paradise, to temporarily solve the housing crisis. Manufactured homes on private parcels already make up 14-percent of single family residences, in Paradise.

But, what FEMA is proposing is slightly different.

Carl Henker has been involved in the Paradise real estate business since 1962. After living and working in the town for years, he gave a logical take on the housing issue.

"People need a place to live in California and this area in particular has a housing crunch and we need to get it solved, as quick as possible," Henker said.

Paradise Mayor Josey Jones made it clear that no action will be taken yet. She and the town council are still considering solutions to the housing problem.

As a real estate manager, Henker would like to see a plan from Paradise, that includes a selection of houses people can choose from, all with pre-approved designs.

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