Chico police investigate vandalism directed at candidate and police

Kasey Reynolds signs and family business were vandalized over the weekend.

Chico police are investigating a case of political vandalism against Chico city council candidate, Kasey Reynolds.

"We have to be able to have free debate, and we have to do that in a way that's safe and not have people being intimidated," said Chico Police Chief, Mike O'Brien.

On either late Friday night or early Saturday morning, someone spray-painted "Bigotry is good for Buisness [sic]!!!?" in front of Schubert's, a business on East 7th Street in downtown Chico that has been owned and operated by the family of Reynolds for 80 years.

"The political environment here is in turmoil," said Reynolds. "We need to come together as a community and call for it to stop."

At this time, there is no surveillance video of that act of vandalism. But, there may be surveillance video at one of the other locations where 15 campaign signs of Reynolds were defaced.

Some of the messages targeted police, who along with conservative candidates like Reynolds, endorsed a proposed Sit-Lie ordinance.

"Some of the messaging was certainly anti-police," said O'Brien. "You can hold those views; it's a free country."

"But, what does that say about an individual that would deface a sign?" said O'Brien. "Is there something else that that person is willing to do? So, certainly we take those types of incidents very seriously."

The spray-painted message has been power-sprayed and removed from the sidewalk in front of Schubert's.

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