Project Hope in Chico helps breast cancer patients


CHICO, Calif. - Project Hope Butte County is a nonprofit organization founded in Chico to help patients get through breast cancer.

The founder, Tracie Hannick, said they help patients get to and from chemotherapy treatments, radiation, surgeries and even assist with paying medical bills.

They've also made 100 care bags filled with blankets, journals, water bottles and more for patients who are in these treatments. Those who need other help financially can request a gas card and groceries as well.

Hannick said the idea for Project Hope started while she was beating breast cancer herself. She got tired of hearing stories of patients canceling their chemotherapy appointments because they had no means of transportation.

"It broke my heart, I wanted to make everything all better and I'm fortunate, I have a village. I have people that can bring me food or give me a ride if I needed or take me grocery shopping," Hannick explained. "Because there are times when you are not physically or emotionally able to do those things and to have someone that cares and someone that's able to help is so, so important. We really want to be that resource for people."

Project Hope is currently helping a homeless woman by putting her up in a hotel while she recovers from surgery for breast cancer.

Hannick is calling for anyone who needs their resources to reach out to the organization. They are also looking for more volunteers to help with upcoming fundraisers and donors. For more information, click here. 

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