Update: Puppy mill busted in Concow, 95 dogs rescued

CONCOW, Calif. - An investigation is underway after 95 dogs, 70 of which were puppies, were rescued at a suspected puppy mill in Concow on Wednesday.

The alleged puppy mill was at a house on the lower Yankee Hill side of Concow. The dogs were mostly Shepherds and Huskies and are now being cared for at the Northwest Oroville SPCA.

Butte County Animal Control (BCAC) described the living conditions as poor and says there is evidence to support its belief that it was a puppy mill.

"There is information that the dogs were being sold," said Ryan Soulsby of the Butte County Animal Control Board. "We did not find records of the sale and distribution, but there is information that the dogs were being sold as puppies."

The dogs should be medically-cleared and ready for adoption as soon as a month.

According to the SPCA, a majority of the dogs will be fostered out and released to rescue organizations throughout the state since so many were taken in at one time.

The PIO for Butte County Publish Health said that some of the dogs are suffering from Coccidia, which is similar to Giardia in humans. Coccidia is spread to puppies usually by unclean living conditions and having prolonged exposure to infested fecal material of an adult dog. Coccidia causes diarrhea in puppies and can be easily transmitted once in a puppy filled environment. In severe cases Coccidia can be life-threatening.

Coccidia is treatable with special antibiotics and supportive care and the puppy will build an immunity to Coccidia

BCAC and the SPCA are asking for the public to refrain from calling about the dogs, but to check the SPCA website for any future updates.

A video of the dogs released by the shelter:

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