First Butte County project funded by gas tax begins

A road sign on Oakvale Avenue warns drivers about the stop ahead during construction.

One-point-three miles of Oakvale Avenue, from State Route 162 to Mount Ida Road, is getting torn up and repaved by Knife River Construction with funds from the controversial gas tax bill, SB1.

This is the first Butte County project to be entirely funded by SB1.

Dennis Schmidt, director of Butte County Public Works, laid out how the money is being used to improve the roads, and what would happen if SB1 were to be repealed.

"These projects will be put back on the shelf," Schmidt said. "A lot of these type of projects will not be able to move forward because we have a very finite amount of dollars that come in through the remainder of the gas tax that's already out there. If it's repealed, it would slow these projects down or stop them entirely."

State Senator Jim Nielsen argued that California already has enough money to fix its roads, but that the money is often diverted from infrastructure projects.

This project in Oroville will cost $750,000 and will take five days from start to finish, according to Butte County Public Works.

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