Scooter's Cafe in Concow nearly set to reopen after Camp Fire

Dan and Bonnie Salmon unpack as they ready their restaurant for its grand reopening on February 27th.

Scooter's Cafe, a popular Concow restaurant is reopening its doors this month after having to close during the Camp Fire.

Dan and Bonnie Salmon, the owners of Scooter's Cafe, are two hard working restaurateurs who've survived more than one disaster over the last year. Now, they're ready to give back to the community.

The restaurant used to be an old gas station, but was taken over by the Salmons more than 20 years ago. Since then, it's become a popular spot with locals and bikers for food and drink.

After narrowly surviving the Camp Fire, the cafe is almost ready to open once again, but with some slight changes.

"We're gonna scale it back a bit because it's just gonna be a mom and pop place again. Me and Bonnie are gonna run it all by ourselves," Salmon said.

Excited locals have already shown up to the café in person, wondering when it will reopen. The grand reopening is set for February 27.

"They're calling, they're Facebooking, they're saying when-when-when. It's like, we're trying! But, you know like Dan said, the community supported us and we're just ready to support them," Salmon said.

It's been an emotional journey for Dan and Bonnie. Dan recently survived a battle with prostate cancer. He took the last of his medication in December of 2018. Between cancer and the Camp Fire, he and Bonnie are just happy to be alive.

The feeling is mutual for many in the surrounding community, who haven't forgotten Dan's delicious food, or he and Bonnie's commitment to their neighbors.

The Salmons are still waiting to get their alcoholic beverage license transferred back to them, and for AT&T to restore phone service to the restaurant. After that, they said they'll be ready to serve their customers again.

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