Students search for housing in Chico after Camp Fire

    Jack Scott Apartments near Chico State, one of the several apartment complexes around Chico geared towards students.

    After 20,000 people fled from the Camp Fire to Chico, traffic has increased, driving collisions are on the rise, and housing has become harder to come by.

    Chico State Sophomore, Chris Gonser started looking for a home right after the Camp Fire. After months of looking, he finally found a place to live last week.

    Gonser spoke about his struggle to find housing.

    "We had been searching pretty hard for I'd say about three, four months. And there just wasn't a whole lot online to find," Gonser said.

    That's not to say all students have been having difficulty finding a home. In fact, many students at Chico State don't have to look very hard to find a place to live, according to Dan Herbert, director of Off-Campus Student Services.

    "We have an inventory in the off-campus network that's substantial. Everything from studios to large five, six bedroom homes," Herbert said.

    Part of Herbert's job is helping students find a place to live. He explained that for undergraduate students, housing is easier to come by because of what they're looking for. Herbert admitted it's harder to find homes for older students with families, because they need more space than the average college student.

    "It's really a case-by-case basis for those older students," Herbert said.

    Luckily, there are apartment complexes close to the university that have been approved and are waiting to be built, and others that are almost complete, according to Herbert. He said that additional housing should be available in the next three to six months.

    Herbert warned that even with those new apartments, there won't be enough space to handle the thousands of people who've come to Chico since the Camp Fire.

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