Table Mountain home saved in Cherokee Fire destroyed 10 days later


TABLE MOUNTAIN, Calif. - An investigation is underway on what caused a house fire on Table Mountain that destroyed a nearly 4,300 square foot house.

The fire broke out at approximately 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

It ignited 10 days after CAL FIRE crews saved the very same house that was threatened earlier by the Cherokee Fire.

Cade Boeger, a husband, and father of five children, spent Thursday morning rummaging through what remains of a house he helped build with his own hands in 2006.

"We really felt we were out of the woods, so that makes it that much more difficult to know that we weren't," said Boeger, a professional crop duster pilot.

His wife and four of the couple's five children were vacationing, but have seen dramatic aerial video of their house and much of what was inside destroyed.

"I don't have an idea of how this is going to affect them when they get here," said Boeger.

Boeger called the home his "dream house," which included a beautiful view of Table Mountain in his front yard.

"It's where you put your roots into and where you put your heart into," said Boeger. "It's an expression of yourself, and where you spend so much of your life."

Boeger said he's thankful for the firefighters who paid him a visit Thursday for saving valuable family mementos during Wednesday's fire.

"There were tears in the eyes of some of the guys up here last night because they had fought so hard to save this place originally," said Boeger. "To see it engulfed was hard for everybody."

"It does seem unfair that we defended the fire at this home and 10 days later the house burns," said CAL FIRE Captain Peter Schoendienst. "We develop relationships with our community and the fact that this fire burned through this home again is devastating to them and troubling to us."

Not saved was an American flag that firefighters salvaged ten days earlier.

The good news is that the house and belongings are fully-insured.

Boeger said faith will help him and his family forge on.

"This is something that's going to (sustain us) and going to make us stronger in that faith," he said.

"If that fire had kindled eight hours earlier when my son and I were asleep in the house then this could have been a totally different story and this doesn't even register on my importance meter."

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