Trump FEMA tweet receives mixed reviews, serious or trolling opponents?


    President Trump's Wednesday morning tweet that he'd discontinue FEMA assistance to California fire victims unless the state "gets their act together" in managing its forests got mixed reviews from those who received the financial support.

    "I think he's nuts," said Keith Williams, who was at the FEMA center inside the old Sears building at the Chico Mall off East 20th Street and Forest Avenue.

    Others believe the president is merely trolling his political opponents, namely California Democratic lawmakers, and has no intent on cutting federal funding.

    " I think it gets the reaction he probably wants, and gets attention," said Helen Wheeler, who was receiving help at FEMA. "And maybe (the tweet) gets done what he wants ."

    Paradise mayor Jody Jones declined to comment on the tweet, but after speaking with the president on his November 17 visit to Paradise told KRCR that Trump referred to the Camp Fire victims as "my people."

    "I was expecting what I see on TV, that he would be brash," said Jones at the time. "He was not like that at all, (but) he was blown away by the devastation."

    And what about the president's assertion that the state isn't doing a good job of managing its forests?

    Callie Jane DeAnda, the director of the Butte Fire Safe Council, has said there's some truth to that.

    "The forests are overgrown and do need more treatment and more thinning and more care," said DeAnda. "They need more people working in them."

    But she added that the spread of the Camp Fire was due to Mother Nature.

    "We had dry winds and extremely dry fuels, and the combination of that carried the fire very quickly," she said.

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