Turn off the lights - Christmas light show ends at Chico Nut Co.

Chico Nut Christmas display from 2016

CHICO, Calif. - The popular light and music show on Chico's Esplanade has ended, as the Chico Nut Company announced that after four years it will no longer have a contractor set up the display which was against its warehouse at the corner of the Esplanade and West 10th Avenue.

"The program's original concept was to thank the service men and women who, over many years, have given us the freedoms we all enjoy today," said Skip Hubbard, the president of the Chico Nut Company.

Hubbard said that mission has been accomplished

Hubbard said set-up time for the Christmas attraction was six weeks and that a private contractor was hired to assemble it.

Hubbard added, however, that the usual lighted "Season Greetings" and Christmas tree will remain atop the building.

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