Two suspects arrested in connection with Chico shooting


CHICO, Calif. - Sunday night, Chico police said a man was shot and killed just after 9:30 p.m. in the 900 block of West 4th Avenue. The Butte County Coroners Office identified that man as 32-year-old Travis Robertson of Chico, Monday afternoon.

Police said they believe Robertson was robbed before he was shot multiple times. Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien said Robertson was a Far Northern client. This company provides services to people with developmental disabilities to help them live productive lives. They had just placed Robertson into the nearby apartments Sunday, hours before he was shot and killed.

Brandon, a neighbor, said he stepped outside of his apartment for a cigarette and watched the shooting happen. "Bro was running, came right here, they pulled up, dude looked over at them *imitates gunshots* and that was it," Brandon said.

He said he watched a car drive around the cul-de-sac and stop in the street, then he heard at least six gunshots.

"They shot him right there," Brandon said. "He looked at him, shot him, kind of froze and then yeah, they took off and then he dropped."

Robertson died in the grass near the apartments on West 4th Avenue. When police got there, witnesses gave them a description of the car that drove away and within minutes, they found it.

"A high risk traffic stop was initiated by multiple patrol units on Cohasset Road. Three subjects were detained without incident," explained Chief O'Brien.

Chief O'Brien added that they believe the initial motive was a random robbery and police have arrested two of the suspects, 21-year-old Jason Jamar Jackson and 19-year-old Michaela Norman.

The two were booked on charges of an open count of murder, robbery and for the shooter, Jason Jackson, felon in possession of a firearm.

Chief O'Brien said Jackson was on parole for a previous shooting into a home in Chico. He was sentenced in March of 2015 to nearly 5 years in prison, but did only two years of that time. Jackson was released in March of this year.

"I think every police chief is frustrated when someone has been sentenced for a violent crime and does less than half of that time and is released into the same community in which he purported that crime," said Chief O'Brien. "Then goes out and we believe commits another violent crime, in this case, a murder, yes. I am angry about that."

Caitlyn Cruzen is another neighbor who said she was home sleeping at the time of the shooting, but didn't hear anything. When she woke up, she had several missed texts and calls from family and friends asking if she was safe.

"I want to be like, oh I'm shocked! But the way that Chico's been going, I'm not," Cruzen explained. "I'm like oh, yeah, sounds horrible, but it's the truth I mean Chico has been getting worse and worse. The more people that come in, it's just the crime rate has been skyrocketing."

Chico Police said they also detained a third person who was in the suspect's vehicle. That person was questioned, then released.

The sister of Travis Robertson said he lived a hard life but had a big heart.

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