Veterans' art on display at The Museum of Northern California Art

The lobby inside The Museum of Northern California Art.

The Museum of Northern California Art is honoring veterans by displaying their artwork and inviting them to speak to the public about their experiences.

Every wall is filled with paintings, sculptures and statues that serve as an escape for veterans trying to re-adjust to civilian life.

For many of the more than 25 vets invited to the museum to display their work, it's also a form of art therapy.

Ehren Tool, a veteran of the First Gulf War, says he got into art after returning home and experiencing the surrealism of seeing military culture glamorized in American society.

"Initially, it was just about my experience coming home from the war," Tool said. "And seeing my gas mask, the mask that I wore thinking the air was poison, and now it's a toy for kids ages six and up."

Much of the art on display incorporates symbols of soldiers' time in combat, from flack jackets to skulls and knives.

The exhibits will run until May 27. Admission is $5 for adults, but for students, children and veterans with ID, it's free.

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