Caltrans temporarily suspends work in Camp Fire burn scar areas due to winter storms

    Flooding on Pearson Road in Paradise, California.

    Camp Fire clean up efforts were put in hold in Butte County on Wednesday due to winter weather patterns throughout the region.

    CalTrans says that wet roadways have been causing more than a few traffic delays causing work to halt in some areas of the Camp Fire burn scar.

    "Right now we are suspended from work because of snow as well as the wind and the rain conditions," Gilbert Mohtes-Chan says, Public Information Officer with Caltrans.

    Caltrans has been working daily to remove burned trees and other hazards from the area, along Highway 70 for example, to prevent them from falling into the roadways.

    "We expect thing to continue ongoing. We don't have a timeline, especially with the weather as is. But we hope to get it done as quickly as possible," added Mohtes-Chan.

    Dozens of heavy machines sat at a stand still along Highway 70 in the meantime. Caltrans says they suspend work do to the safety hazards for civilians and crews. However, they say they assess the weather everyday to make a determination as to if it is safe to continue work along the Camp Fire burn scar areas.

    Caltrans added that they do things to prevent debris flows and culverts from happening.

    They also work high up on Highway 70 to remove snow in the higher elevations so there is still work being done.

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