Camp Fire map shows how survivors have moved all across the United States to start over

The Google Map with each heart plot represents where a Camp Fire survivor has moved. 

Many Camp Fire survivors have started moving away from Butte County after the devastating blaze ripped through Paradise, Magalia and Concow on November 8.

To keep in touch, survivors have started contributing to a Google Map with their new location.

Survivors have placed themselves in over 280 locations as of Thursday, February 7, including new homes in 29 states and more than 245 communities.

The map has been circulating on social media and illustrates the displacement caused by the Camp Fire that has been officially named the most destructive and deadliest wildfire in California's history.

Each heart on the map represents one community that now has at least one Camp Fire survivor living there.

David Forsyth, an administrator of the Camp Fire Survivors Facebook page, made the map with the hope of reaching out to other communities so that these survivors feel loved in their new home.

Forsyth says that he has not included any personal data on the map. He added that many of these survivors may only temporarily be in these communities as many of them are still in the process of finding a more permanent place to call home or return to the place they call home.

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