From Rubble to Ring: A Camp Fire Love Story

On Sunday Lukas Schnoor proposed to Cassie Oxley on the doorstep of the Paradise house they once shared before it was destroyed in the Camp Fire.

"It meant more because of what we'd just gone through," said Cassie.

The house was owned by Lukas, 27, who had told Cassie, 24, that he'd planned on living a long bachelor life shortly after their first date eight months earlier.

"When we first got together he said, 'I never want to get married, I don't want to have kids,'" laughed Cassie. "He was a super bachelor."

She moved in a few months ago.

Then, November 8 came and the Camp Fire destroyed the 1,000 square foot bachelor pad.

The disaster brought Lukas and Cassie closer together.

"I couldn't imagine a day without him anymore," said Cassie, fighting back tears.

Through the devastation the two realized that they needed one another; that their relationship was more than a passing fancy.

And it's what led to Lukas popping the question.

"This fire in the last 30 days [has created] more growth between us with the stress and tension," said Lukas. "We've had each other to fall back on."

The couple is staying with friends until they decide their wedding plans and if they'll rebuild in Paradise or start their lives elsewhere.

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