Camp Fire survivor writes song about loss and destruction

    Skip Culton (left) and one of his band mates, Justin Mora (right) play "Another Prayer for Paradise" at Culton's home in Chico.

    A Paradise musician is making headlines with his song "Another Prayer for Paradise" which he wrote after the Camp Fire devastated the town.

    Skip Culton used to live in Paradise before the Camp Fire took his home. A few weeks later, he woke up with the idea for his song, which has since become a success.

    He lost his old studio in the fire, but he still has a couple guitars which he uses in his band, The Skip Culton Project. It took him 15 minutes to write the song that would later grab the attention of an international charity organization, TZU CHI USA.

    "I was at a donation center, the Target parking lot here in Chico. And they had a video crew there, and they came up and interviewed me," said Culton.

    After that, TZU CHI USA collaborated with Culton to make a music video, and within days, "Another Prayer for Paradise" had over 60,000 hits. The plan is to sell the song on iTunes and other music sites, then donate the proceeds to the Camp Fire Relief Fund.

    Culton and his band will be performing at The Commons Social Emporium on December 28 and at the DownLo on December 29.

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