Camp Fire survivors seek legal advice from Erin Brockovich and attorneys

More than three weeks after the Camp Fire, PG&E is facing a legal battle forced on them by people who lost their homes.

Attorney, Joe Early lost his home in Paradise along with his law office. He believes PG&E is responsible for starting the deadly fire.

"I got involved because I lost my home and I lost my office and everyone I know lost everything," Early said. "So, I knew there had to be some explanation for it. I did some research. I'm convinced who is responsible for starting this and I think they need to be accountable."

Then, someone else joined his team. The famous environmental activist, Erin Brockovich.

"With the rumors circulating about Pacific Gas and Electric, I guess I always come to mind and they asked if I would come out," Brockovich said.

Brockovich and Early are holding community forums to provide people with what they say is important information for moving forward.

"I want everyone who lost everything to get back everything they can," Early said. "Everything they can possibly get back."

"I'm very disturbed," Brockovich said. "I'm actually pissed that we have to be here and I don't know it's like the person that drives a car under the influence and it's a slap but then the second time it happens and is injured and it's a slap and the third time it happens it's what? Someone gets killed. That's the process that's happened here.

When asked if they think PG&E was in a lose-lose situation because the residents opposed turning off power days leading up to the fire, Early said it's a battle PG&E should have been willing to lose to protect the residents.

"I think any of us would take that upset over the upset they've created over the decision they did make," Early said. They made the wrong decision under those circumstances. You can't risk what they were risking. They knew. They knew two days before. They were sending out notices about how dangerous the winds are. If a fire starts they can't stop it."

"We all are looking at climate that's changing, we are going to as a state have to better address that," Brockovich said. "As communities, we are going to have to look at if there's a condition I'd rather have my power shut off than ever face a Paradise fire. It will take We the People and our officials and a corporation who is running the monopoly here and the only source of energy to upgrade their very antiquated system."

KRCR reached out to PG&E for a response and a representative said "Our focus right now is all about assessing infrastructure, safely restoring power where possible and helping our communities recover. The cause of the Camp Fire is under investigation."

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