Camp Fire Update: Fatalities number reduced after DNA testing

According to Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea, as of December 3, 2018, the list of unaccounted for people is at 11.
The number of accounted for to date is 3,175 individuals.

There were no additional human remains found Monday.

However, the number of fatalities has been reduced from 88 fatalities down to 85 fatalities. Butte County Sherriff Kory Honea explained that his office has determined this through DNA analysis.

Sheriff Honea explained that there was an instance where remains that were believed to belong to three individuals were collected into three separate bags. Each bag was given its own case number. Through a process that has taken place at the Sacramento County Coroner's Office involving an autopsy, DNA has now confirmed that the remains in those three bags were in fact one individual.

Sheriff Honea provided additional numbers on the fatalities Monday night:

  • 39 individuals have been tentatively identified based on circumstantial evidence.
  • 43 individuals have been positively identified (31 of those were identified through DNA, 12 of those were identified through dental records, four were identified by finger prints, two were identified by visual inspection).
  • Three remains have not been tentatively identified.

The sheriff also said 18,000 locations in the fire area have been searched for human remains, some multiple times. He reiterated that the search for remains is not over.

Barring any weather or any other unanticipated hazards, Concow B zone will be opened within the next two days.

Barring any weather or any other unanticipated hazards, the South Pines zone, as well as zones 2, 8 and 14 in Paradise will be opened within the next few weeks.

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