Some Camp Fire evacuees escorted in by officials for important items


The Butte County Sheriff's Office, along with Paradise Police, are escorting people back into Paradise to quickly grab essential items.

This is done by request and is only offered to people who need to recover a vehicle, materials needed for work, medications, or for property evaluation by insurance adjusters.

Monday, Frank Maynard was escorted back to grab files from his business.

Maynard lived in Paradise for 70 years and was shocked by what he saw entering the town behind a patrol car.

"Obviously you see the videos on Facebook of people driving around so you get to see quite a bit but when you actually get here and you see what it's really all about and it's up close and personal it's just a lot more than I ever thought," said Maynard.

He said he lost his home and he lost his town. His business, however, was still standing.

"I feel very fortunate, you know?," Maynard said. "I don't have to replace hundreds of client records."

He said he will be okay with his business but he's worried about other local businesses. Even the ones that survived the fire may not survive the loss of patrons.

"I manage money, so I can do it anywhere as long as I have internet connection and my cell phone but the small businesses that totally relied on Paradise, my heart goes out to them," he said.

In Maynard's office he has a wall of black and white photos of Paradise history. He pointed out things in pictures then pointed across the street to a pile of rubble explaining that's what it had become.

"I was born in Paradise 1948 when the Skyway wasn't even in, it was Neal Road," Maynard said. "When the train used to come through town, when there was no stop lights."

When asked if it will ever be the same Maynard responded, "Not in my lifetime."

He said he's keeping his property for now and waiting to see what happens with Paradise before making any decisions.

The pictures and memories however, he knows he'll always keep.

If you'd like to request an escort call 530-897-8873.

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